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Amazing Harmony of Shipping Container and Wood

Today, we will talk about the container house model designed by the Moldovan designer Constantin Radulov. If you want to take a look at Radulov’s other designs, you can take a look at the Behance profile.

Let’s talk a little bit about home;

Color is very important in homes built with shipping containers. Because this is the most important detail that highlights the characteristics of shipping containers. While you don’t see many container houses painted in dark colors in general, shipping container houses painted in black are the most popular, especially among social media users.

You can check out The Lily Pad Cozy Container Home, which is among the best examples.

The harmony between the container and the wooden details stands out in the design of the project. The wide wooden veranda at the front of the house, the sliding door and the wooden framed window are the details that make the house look cool.

Now, let’s talk about container houses in general.

Building and designing container homes can be a challenge, as many of the containers on the market today are far larger than required for any home, but there are some companies that specialize in custom containers.

In fact, there are some very experienced and talented architects out there who are designing and building container homes, and you may have some of them in your area, or at least an architect that is known for his creative design capabilities. There are even companies that will make recommendations on what container home design to use in your situation.

If you have not heard about shipping containers, you may be surprised by the variety of them that are available. You can find them flatbed, a semi-trailer, reinforced polyester, and many more.

You can find the perfect size for any home or business, and there are many sizes, colors, and types of containers that can be used for shipping containers. You can order them pre-built or prefabricated, both of which are cheaper options.

And you can also choose from a variety of different materials, including wood, aluminum, corrugated fiberglass, metal, and others.

In some shipping container homes, like those built in the Pacific Northwest, the roof is not part of the container, but rather attached to the side of the container. In other cases, the container is attached to the roof, with an open roof, or with a roof that is hipped in and supported by sturdy joists.

In many cases, you can choose from two-story containers, three-story containers, and even four-story containers, and have a roof that can be detached and replaced, if needed. You can also choose a variety of different floor plans, such as one, two, and even three levels.

In addition, there are decks, patios, and porches on many types of shipping container homes, and you can incorporate these features into your own home, if you wish.

One of the most popular features of shipping containers is the use of various building techniques.

Architects who specialize in shipping container home designs use a lot of glass, with glass walls being common. In some cases, architects use glass walls to allow natural light into the rooms of the containers.

In other cases, they use partitions, to separate different areas within the container home. You might also see a high-rise at the entrance to the living area of one of these container homes, with a lower floor for storage.

Because of their size and weight, container homes must be carefully assembled, and the transportation of individual containers via trucks is quite risky. Unless you are an expert container mover or have some connections in this field, you should never attempt to move a container home. This is because the containers can be extremely heavy and moving them by yourself would be quite dangerous, even if you were sure of your ability to do the job. If you have no connections, or if you just don’t trust moving the heavy, awkward cargo by yourself, you might want to consult with an experienced moving company, which specializes in moving shipping container homes.

If you are interested in building your own shipping container homes, you should also have a sustainable architecture in mind.

Sustainable architecture revolves around designing buildings so that they have a long life, and so that their ecological footprint does not become unsustainable over time.

To achieve this, container homes should be built as efficiently as possible, using the most efficient construction materials that you can afford. If you are environmentally conscious, you’ll want to choose materials that are durable and will outlast the typical building lifespan, ensuring many years of use and beauty for your home.

When it comes to shipping container homes, sustainable architecture means using low-toxic materials that reduce indoor air pollution, while providing a healthy environment for your family. By creating a sustainable home that is designed with efficiency in mind, you will be contributing to a cleaner community as well as a healthier future for everyone.

If you are interested in structures made with shipping containers, you can find what you want among thousands of container house models. Be aware of the contents by following our Facebook and Pintereset accounts.


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