An Eco-Friendly Living Option made with Shipping Containers in Poland

A shipping container home is any residential structure made entirely out of a shipping container, yet the resulting dwellings can be very varied. Shipping containers can come in two different sizes, either 20′ x 8′ or 40′ x 8′.

Today we will show a shipping container house located in Poland. The container house is located in the region of Bielkówko in Poland. In the project, 8 x 40FT (4 x 40HC ve 4 x 40DC) shipping containers were used, 4 on the ground floor and 4 on the upper floor. When looking at the building from the outside, it is almost impossible to distinguish it from the traditional houses in the vicinity.

A few years ago, Maciej Kukla and his wife became interested in the topic of unusual homes. The search for a perfect piece of land took them to Bielkówek near Gdańsk. They decided to build their container house here. It took only six hours to move it and set the entire structure at its destination.

The project was realized by the Chwaszczyno-based company Modykon.

In comparison to conventional stick built housing styles, shipping containers are extremely affordable and versatile. Due to their mass production, they are readily available and the price point is comparable to much more upscale options like ranch house style homes or log cabin homes. The amount of square footage in the container gives buyers the ability to design custom designed homes that fit their needs and budgets.

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One good way to choose between shipping containers is to look at what the container is being used for. Some shipping containers are used as summerhouses in tropical regions, others are used as greenhouses for farmers or ranchers, while others are used as classrooms or even as country homes. Each of these uses will help you determine which container style and size you want to use in your home.

As far as the actual building of shipping container homes, the walls are typically made out of corrugated fiberglass and are held together with corrugated cardboard ties. This type of construction results in a lighter weight and makes it easier to assemble the walls, which is the reason why many shipping containers are used for agricultural buildings. However, eco-friendly groups have used this material to build greenhouses and even houses for the poor. So whichever way you decide to go, eco-friendly or not, shipping container homes can certainly meet your housing needs.

The size of container home you choose also depends on how many people will be living in it.

You can purchase larger shipping container homes that can accommodate four to five people per container. Alternatively, if you don’t mind living in cramped quarters, smaller container home designs are available too. For instance, if you’re looking for container home design for a family of four, you can opt for a single sleeping bag, a couch and two chairs, or a small table and chairs arrangement.

With shipping container homes, you get a variety of sizes, shapes and colors.

You can also opt for the “green” option, which is made out of recycled or recyclable materials. This means that you help the environment by reusing materials that might otherwise have gone to waste. If you’re on a tight budget but you want to build a container home, eco-friendly options are available at affordable prices.

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Shipping container houses and modular structures are becoming a popular thing in modern generation because of their strength, reliability, affordability and environmental sustainability. They come mostly available around the globe and even more affordable near the urban ports. If you wish to purchase these types of houses, it is highly recommended that you go for shipping containers as they are very much affordable for the ones who want to own one such house for a long period of time. These types of container houses can be assembled very easily by the users if they have basic skills and knowledge along with some guidance from the professionals.

One of the main benefits of these shipping containers houses is that they are economical and cost effective options.

In fact they are one of the best options for your home as it can accommodate various people, different sizes and various needs. These types of houses generally consist of two or three levels and hence are known as apartment buildings. The levels are typically located on the first and second floor. The units are manufactured using some sustainable techniques which makes them very much friendly and environment friendly. The units usually consist of one or two rooms with the space on the ground level and also have the space on the first and second floor.

Since most of the shipping container homes are manufactured using advanced technology, the interiors and the exteriors are made in such a way that it offers a great view of the natural surroundings and at the same time offers great comfort to its users. The living area of this container type consists of large windows which provide natural light into the room and also provide spaciousness inside the unit. The large windows also help to provide natural air flow into the room and at the same time keep the interior cool during the hot summers. The large windows also help in maintaining the temperature of the container.

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These types of homes can be customized according to your needs and requirements.

There are many companies which are engaged in the manufacturing of shipping container homes and as such they have skilled and experienced architects who can assist you in creating an idealistic living space for you and your family. Most of these companies employ experienced architects who are specialized in making residential homes, offices, villas and any other kinds of such containers. (Shipping Container Homes)

You can find a number of companies that sell shipping container homes, and the best place to look for these is online.

It is a very competitive market and you must make sure that you get the best deal for your money and this can be done by comparing quotes offered by different companies. It would also be a good idea to hire the services of an architect who can help you in determining the areas that you would like to use as well as in choosing the design of your container home. If you want a green home, then you can make use of eco-friendly products to construct your container home and incorporate energy efficient technology. If you have a good architect, he or she can create a perfect design and architecture which can ensure that your container home provides warmth and elegance to your house.

You should look for a company that offers custom made shipping containers and you should also make it a point to visit at least two or three of these companies so that you can compare the prices and the designs. The costs associated with the container designs vary according to the size and the overall dimensions of the shipping containers that you opt for. You need to get your interior walls done in such a way that they can provide optimum protection to your interior walls and also make it easy for the residents to move around. The interior walls of these shipping containers are mostly made out of corrugated fiberboard but you can opt for other materials to meet your needs.

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