Apartments made of Shipping Containers

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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Jose Ignacio, Maldonado, Uruguay.

Well, many container homes have been discovered up till now. All are unique and luxurious. They vary in their location. Some are situated in city towns while others are in the nature attracting places.

Today, a building has been discovered which is made of steel shipping containers. Steel shipping containers are making easy this step to build homes at nature attracting places. To visit this living area, continue with us.

Steel shipping containers apartments

These are apartments which are made of steel shipping containers are located in Maldonado. This is a nature lover site. The shipping containers are assembled together to give the shape of apartments. The containers cover the area of 431 square feet. The charges for staying per night here are 100 dollars in one apartment.

4 apartments are located in this building. These are rental living areas. Basically for those who visit this area, can stay here without difficulty. Containers are providing this facility on a large scale.

Architecture of the building

This shipping container building has four apartments. The containers are painted red in color. Building is basically double storey. Rest is painted in black in color. Stairs are located outside the home.

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Each apartment has portions which are listed here: One bedroom, one bathroom, one kitchen, one living room, wooden roof…

Interior designing of each apartment

Apartments are very luxurious. Each apartment has separate portions. The floor is made of wood. The stairs are painted black and are made of steel. I am going to discusa each apartment in detail one by one. Two apartments are on ground floor and two apartments are designed on upper floor.

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Container Apartment number one

There is a bedroom. The bed is set which is comfortable. The glass window is on the front wall. Closet is in the room. The floor and walls are made of wood. The frames around the window are made of wood.

Kitchen is full with all type of material. Cabins and shelves are designed here. Kitchen is painted white in color. The front wall has glass window.

Living room has arrangement of sofas. The sofas are comfortable and cozy. The walls are kade of glass windows. The floor is made of wood. The over all look is decent and attractive.

Bathroom has white tiles. Toilet and shower are set. Facility of hot and cold water is provided.

Container Apartment number two

This apartment is side by the first apartment. It has all portions like the apartment number one.

Bedroom has its double bed. Two people can sleep here. Alexandra is host who is maintaining all the facilities of this living place. The bedroom has glass window with a closet. The kitchen is set with all necessaries. Kitchen has its all separate equipment.

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Living room has seating sofas in an arrangement. Walls are made of glass windows. Bathroom has supply of water with showering system.

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Moving to the upper floor, there are two apartments

Black painted stairs are spotted outside the building which guide towards the upper floor. This floor had also two apartments. Both if these have same portions and facilities. One bedroom, one kitchen, one bathroom, one living room are designed in one apartment separately. These apartments look very stylish in their architectural structure.

Use of glass and wood has been done on large scale. Their use increase the elegancy of this building for modular living. The facilities are provided which are flawless. Voltage system provides electricity. The water supply and drainage systems are maintained. In fact, there is no deficiency of any resource.

Wooden deck and terrace

On ground floor, there is a dining table setup in the porch. Its floor is made of wood. The chairs and table are set. Surroundings of the apartments are amazing. Best site for nature lover. Upper floor has a terrace. Both apartments have in front. The wooden railing covers the terrace. Bedrooms are basically behind the terrace.

Environment is very beautiful around the apartments. The greenery is all around. These apartments are best designed for spending vacation here. The charges are reasonable according to the facilities which are provided here. Host is maintaining all the aspects.

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Containers are of different varieties

There are different types of containers in this world. Most commonly used shipping containers are of two sizes. These are of 20 feet and are of 40 feet.

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The containers are made of steel. These are used to transport goods from one place to the other. Then these are reformed to use in building of homes.

The containers are beneficial as these are provinding homes at nature attracting places like hill stations or near the ocean. Si, staying at such places is becoming easy day by day because container use is in trend and people are using these for the construction of home especially rental apartments or guest houses.

Well, villas have also been designed. The mansions are also constructed by using these.

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