Container Cottage in Canada

We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from Tiny, Ontario, Canada.

Containers have been used in the construction of many modern homes. Trend is increasing because steel shipping containers are providing many stylish homes. This quality is making containers popular. One more modern container home has discovered which is made in cottage style.

Containers have built residential places in every design. These are mansions, villas, homes, cottage homes and all that. We have discovered this container home to inform you about the use of containers in such amazing styled home.

Container home in Canada

It is located in Canada. Beautiful country with beautiful architectural designing of homes. This one is near to Farlain lake. It is a few steps away from this beautiful lake. This container home has built by using 3 container. Concrete material has also used in its construction.

6 guests can stay here at one time because this is guest house for stay of tourists. Charges for staying per night are $443. Place is very modern, unique and full of facilities. A luxurious living area for experiencing modular living.

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This container home has different portions which are best designed with all furniture and other facilities

Containers are painted golden in color. This container cottage lights in night just like a sprinkle in night. Home is large and there are many portions. Making a list will help us easy understanding of the architecture of the house:

  • Three bedrooms
  • Three bathrooms
  • One kitchen
  • One living room
  • Outer balcony
  • Lawn
  • Terrace
  • Fireplace

This home is double storey. Bedrooms are on upper floor. All other portions are on first floor. The home is made higher than the ground level by providing strong foundation.

All parts of the home have well settled furniture

Well, home is luxurious and has all material which should be the part of elegant home. I will inform you about all the interior designing of the home in detail. The inner part of the container house is painted white. All materials have used in its construction not only the containers

Living room is on ground floor. Large seating sofas which are cozy, placed in this room. Air conditioner is fixed in the wall. This room has glass windows which increase the modernity of this living place.

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The fireplace is separate but near by. All things are set in a manner. Tltwo seating sofas are placed in front of the fireplace. A round shaped space is made in the wall to keep wood for burning. Canada is generally a cold place. LED is fixed in the front wall. One can enjoy the entertaining shows here with the warmness in the environment.

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Kitchen is styled in unique way

Well, kitchen is well-equipped. Not only this, kitchen has all parts which are mandatory. The decorative material is also set in kitchen. The shelves are fixed in wall. Cabins are on the lower side. These are designed for placing all kitchen stuff that is spices. Refrigerator, microwave, stove, sink are fixed in the place. Indeed, it’s a luxurious kitchen with all accessories.

Dining table is also the part of this living area. Chairs are set along the table. Guests can enjoy meal here independently. Number of chairs can be increased according to need.

Bedrooms and bathrooms with all facilities

One bedroom has large size bed and glass windows. LED is also in bedroom. Closet is also set here. Terrace is nearby. So this is a master bedroom. Other one also has a large bed. Similar facilities are provided. The glass windows are fixed in front wall. Last bedroom has two beds which are set in one above the other way. These bedrooms have capacity for 6 people.

Bathrooms are like two and half. Because two bathrooms have full toilet and showering systems separately. While third one has only toilet part. Tiles have used in construction of these bathrooms. Shower systems are set perfectly. No problem of any facility.

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WI-FI networks are working. Water supply and water drainage system of the guest house do not disappoint. All construction steps are taken on large scale.

Balcony is in front of the home and a fireplace is also set there

Outside the building, in outer porch, dining table is set. Meal can also be have here to enjoy outer weather. In lawn, there is a seating arrangement. Sofas are set in this place. These are comfortable for seating. Basically, late night gossips can do here.

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A fireplace is in front of these sofas. This fireplace gives feeling of warmness in cold harsh weather. Green lawn is all around. Grass is maintained in a routine. Trees are also around this living place.

Wood and concrete material have combined with steel shipping containers to build this place for modular living

As I have mentioned this earlier that a single material is not used in construction of this utter place. Conventional material is also used to make foundation, interior of bathrooms as well as in framework.

Containers are making basic infrastructure of the home. Glass windows and doors are also used bedroom, living room. Wood is making floor of terrace, railings of the home, stairs.

Description of all containers are doing in great way to know all about the use of containers in different buildings all across the world. Very clear thing from all these discoveries is this that containers are making their place in construction building day by day.

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Dining room

Bathroom 1

Bathroom 2

Half Bathroom

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

Living Room 1

Living Room 2

Living Room 3

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