Top 10 Container Homes in New Zealand

The global container houses market, which was 47.75 billion dollars in 2020, is expected to close the year 2021 with 51.3 billion dollars. This means that the container house trend continues to rise. ( Container Houses Global Market Report 2021 )

The container home market consists of sales of homes developed using shipping containers. Container home builders use shipping containers to build sustainable and affordable high-quality homes.

These homes are considered eco-friendly homes as they are made from used containers which reduces the use of metal.

Today we’re going to show you the 10 best container homes in New Zealand. If you’re ready, let’s start…

1-) Ohaupo Container House in New Zealand

Ohaupo container house in New Zealand

If you have done a little research on the web about container houses, you have probably come across this container house. This house in New Zealand is one of the container house legends in the world. It really is, isn’t it?

This container home is made of 12 steel shipping containers. It is a large home with many large places. There are two floors.

On ground floor, there is a kitchen with all accessories. This kitchen is wide with seating stools and decorated shelves. Cabins are made of wood. Then there is a living room on this floor. This living room has seating sofas with beautiful arrangement. Glass windows are there to get view of outer enviroment. There are also laundry area, bathroom on this floor. The bathroom is supplied with all facilities.

Moving to upper floor, there is long street and then there is an arrangement of bedrooms. Basically, there are six rooms. These all can be bedrooms. But is depends on choice of the designer. So, there are four bedrooms on upper floor. Additional two rooms play the role of an office and gym. Office becomes important for a working person.

So, this one is a large home with many facilities. Home is surrounded with big lawn. There is well  maintained grass all around the house. Large lawns also give elegance look to the house. This container which is designed like a box, basically by David Wade. He designed this steel shipping container house.

12 shipping containers become many to give a very large house for many people. Glass windows are giving final touch. Home is painted black. There is also a swimming pool outside this living place.

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2-) Blue Container House in New Zealand

Blue container house in New Zealand

This is a double storey container house. This one is large house with many beautiful views. The scenery around the living place is full with nature.

Architectural structure of this home is amazing. Steel shipping containers are used to construct such living places at this type of areas. This is real use of steel shipping containers in this modern era.

Containers are providing homes to the adventurers at hill stations. Is this really cool? Yup. This house is set on strong framework.

The kitchen is made on lower floor. All facilities are there for cooking. Area is wide. Living room is classic. Seating sofas are arranged along with LED on front wall. The floor is made of wood. The sunrays shine through the glass windows which give very warm feeling in cold weather.

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Bedrooms are designed on upper floor after moving the stairs. The beds are placed which are large in size and closets are designed in the room. Bathrooms are there with all facilities. The walls of the bedrooms are of glass and it looks very elegant in actual.

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Bedrooms are attached with terrace. Railings are all around. Wood work is done. Seating chairs are comfortable sofas are set in terrace location.

Scene of nature is actually beautiful here and this is real beauty of this living container home. Such kind of houses are dream homes of anyone. Containers are making dreams reality. Thanks to these structures.

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3-) Red Painted Container Home in New Zealand

Red painted container home in New Zealand

This one is a single storey steel shipping container house. This home is painted red . Its location is in New Zealand. This is a country with beautiful and peaceful enviroment.

Homes designed at such places look very nice. This one is also in the center of greenery. Home looks charming in this area. This is made of single steel shipping containers. Size of container is 40 feet.

Rest of the house is painted white. The pillars are also designed to give a look to living place. Interior of house is very near. The floor of home is made of wood. Kitchen is white room. All wood work is painted white. Cabins, shelves, stools all are white in color.

Living room presents a neat sofa and a book shelf made of wood. The glass windows are also in this home. Front wall is of glass. This one is sliding glass window. Bathroom is modern with separate toilet and showering systems. Water supply is there without any obstruction.

Bedroom is with a master bed and a closet is there to keep all attire. Overall, look of house is neat and clean. Many equipment is set in this home according to need of one or two persons.

Containers are best to use to make homes of such kind. These are reformed and then are used to construct homes at different places. This house is set on the ground with strong foundation. Hope so, you will like this living place.

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4-) Taupo Container House in New Zealand

Taupo Container house in New Zealand

A black steel shipping container house this is. This house looks like a box. A box set on the strong framework of iron. This one is also a new kind home. It looks interesting.

It is made of three steel shipping containers. These are of 20 feet. The containers are joined together to make this living place. This living place is with all facilities.

There are two bedrooms in this steel shipping container house. The storey of house is single. All portions are designed in this. The living room has black sofas for sitting.

Area for living room is wide. A very modern kitchen is set in this home. This kitchen has shelves and cabins made of modern material. Stainless steel is used in construction of this kitchen. Refrigerator is also placed in this room.

Bedrooms are two in number with best view through sliding glass windows. Large sized beds are placed in this bedrooms. Bathroom is separate and it is constructed by using tiles.

Containers are making these homes without any difficulty. These homes look amazing and are full of winsomeness. Qualities of containers are many. One of these is, containers make homes at faster speed. Therefore, trend for using containers is increasing day by day.

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5-) Sky Blue Container Home in New Zealand

Sky Blue container home in New Zealand

This one is also a steel shipping container house. Containers are also used to transport goods from one place to the other place. This house is made of three steel shipping containers.

These have joined together by setting on the strong foundation. This home is painted in bright sky blue color. House is surrounded with full greenery all around. Area of each steel shipping container is 40 feet.

Interior of house is giving the view of calmness. Interior is painted white. Kitchen of this container house is colorful. Bright colored accessories are set in kitchen. Dining table has seating chairs which are colorful. Refrigerator, microwave, stove, all are in kitchen.

Living room has clean bright seating sofas. Glass window is in front of seating arrangement. Ceiling is made of white color material. Floor is made of wood.

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Bedroom has bed in good arrangement. The closet is made in bedroom. Bathroom is attached. It is made of tiles. Containers are used in construction of homes which look different from the living places made of concrete material.

There are many reasons behind use of steel shipping containers. Homes made of these containers are more stylish.

Do you want a home according to modern era?

Then go for steel shipping containers. These are right choice for your home. Be the part of raising trend of use of containers. Definitely, it will bring charm in your life.

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6-) Cabin Shaped Container Home in New Zealand

Cabin shaped container home in New Zealand

Well, I described many homes of different architectural structures. These all are different in their interior designing as well as in outer look. Each home is different from the other home. This distinctiveness is attractive.

People are attracted toward homes which must be different from the other ones. Similar thing happens with the material used for homes. Steel shipping containers are new ones for use. Now, people know about them and are using them for construction of their buildings.

Large as well as small homes have been made of containers. This one is also an example of a tiny living place for one or maximum, for two persons.

This is made of one single steel shipping container in a far away place in New Zealand. Basically, this is owned one of the nature lovers on the earth.

This tiny cabin is painted black. All portions are set in this cabin. The bed is placed in one corner. Side table is also placed. Kitchen is set in one corner. Two chairs and table is placed in this kitchen. Bathroom facility is also set in this small area. In short, a small house is provided. This is really a nice thing.

So, containers provide homes by consuming less money. Moreover, spaces in container have left and glass windows have been set in this container. These windows give outer views and tell about outer weather. In night, this house glows like a small bulb in this large empty area.

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7-) Takaka Container House in New Zealand

Takaka container house in New Zealand

Home is made of 4 steel shipping containers. One container is of size 20 feet. 3 steel shipping containers are of size 40 feet. These four containers are making final look of this house.

Home is painted white from outside as well from inside. White is color of comfort and peace. Windows sides and railings are painted black. So, this home is mixture of white as well as black color.

Home is double storey with all facilities. Portions of living place are bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room, working side table. Kitchen is loaded with all kind of facilities. Refrigerator, microwave oven, stove and sink are placed in this kitchen. These things are set in a definite order. Shelve is made in kitchen and all these accessories are arranged in kitchen.

Living room is set with sofas. In one corner, there is a shelf with draws. An LED is set in this wooden shelf. Bedroom has glass windows. Bed is set in this room. Bathroom has showering facilities along with toilet system. In short, home is loaded with all kind of facilities.

Terrace is also designed which is small is small in area. Glass windows have been designed in this home which have black colored work with iron. This all enhances glory of this medium sized home.

Description of this white home ends here. Thanks to steel shipping containers for provinding stylish homes.

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8 -) Steel Shipping Container Home Near a Sea in New Zealand

Steel shipping container home near a sea in New Zealand

Containers have been used in construction of homes at every kind of place. These are used to make homes at hill stations as well as near a sea. Also in desert or in a city town. All are the places for homes made of steel shipping containers. These homes look complete and beautiful.

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This is also one of the homes which are located at different sites. This house is near a sea in New Zealand. Very attractive due to its beautiful location. This is blue painted container home.

Interior of the home is made of wood. Entirely of wood. Floor is made of wood. Wood shelves have been designed in kitchen of this home. Sink is set in these wooden shelves.

The floor of living room is set two steps higher. Sofa is placed in this living room. A small bed for babies in this living room ad well. A separate seating chair is also set in this area.

Bedroom is with a small bed. Bathroom is attached to bedroom. Tiles are set in this room. Shower is set as well. Facilities of the house are complete.

Glass windows are part of modern homes. These give classic look to the homes. This home has sliding glass windows. These windows cause sunrays to pass through them. This is really a nice scene in case of winter. It causes warmness of living place.

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9-) Home made of two Steel Shipping Containers

Home made of two steel shipping containers

This home, which is located in New Zealand, is made of two steel shipping containers. Both have area of 40 feet. This house has many parts and basically, it is for a small family. For example, three kids and a couple can adjust in this living space.

Containers are painted in dark blue color. Living room is set with a large blue sofa. This sofa is placed in center of living room. LED is also in this room. Central table is placed. Home is single storey. The kitchen is set with refrigerator, microwave, stove, sink, coffee maker, shelves and cabins. Floor of house is made by using wood.

There are two bedrooms in this small home. One is master bedroom with large sized bed, closet in it. Large glass windows are in one wall of this room. Second one is for adjustment of three kids. Two beds are on the floor. These are single beds. One bed is designed by moving the stairs up. One girl can sleep there.

Bathroom is with all facilities of showering. Bathroom is constructed by using shining tiles.

A sitting area is also designed outside the home. This deck has floor made of wood. Seating chairs are set there. A family dining can be done here as well as inside the home. Because inner part of home has spare room which can be adjusted as dining room. Environment around this living area is good. Nature exists here.

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10-) Holiday Container Home for two People in New Zealand

Holiday home for two people in New Zealand

Well, containers are used to construct all kind of buildings. These can be small as well as large. Villas have also been designed by using these steel shipping containers. Two sizes of containers are available. 20 feet and 40 feet.

This house is designed for maximum two persons. This is designed by using a single steel shipping container. This is located at nature existing place. This is for spending your holidays away from the rush of city town.

Necessary portions have made in this tiny house. Interior of house presents very classic work. Wood work has been done in great way. Kitchen is fully modern and stylish. Cabins have made in one corner. Many draws have been designed for keeping all material related to kitchen.

Bedroom is separate with a bed. On back wall, there is a glass window. Wooden walls have made and floor is also made of wood.

Bathroom is white shining area. Tiles have used. Toilet is set and shower is also designed. Facilities for living are complete. Lights are fixed in ceiling of this house.

Outside of the home, there is made areas for seating. Umbrellas have been designed in front of the home. One can sit in their shadow.

Containers provide home by consuming less budget. This is very attractive thing for middle class persons. This is example of such a home. One container can make a living area for two persons. This is really amazing.

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