Beach Box Container House in Costa Rica

How about choosing a container house that will allow you to have a wonderful experience in Costa Rica?

You will be amazed by the Beach Box container house that has emerged with the cream color tones of the modern understanding.

It will also appeal to you that this house, which is within walking distance of Central Coco, is very close to the city. You can prepare to choose this house, which will attract your attention with its interior and exterior design.

The wood patterns preferred in the design of the container house offer you special details that will reveal the identity of the Costa Rica location.

This container house, which will be a perfect opportunity for those who want to be in touch with nature, will offer you many opportunities with its proximity to the city center and the town.

You can meet all your needs, especially thanks to the HomeCenter located near the house. Do not forget that you can rent this container house from Airbnb for $83 per night to discover the natural beauties with its proximity to the city center.

If you are going to prefer this house, you can make a reservation from Airbnb by clicking on the link.

This container house in Costa Rica has presented you to a small area in nature.

That’s why the house design has been done successfully for you to make the best use of the space. You can prepare yourself to spend time on a beautiful patio where you will combine with the fresh air.

Photo Courtesy of Airbnb

Shipping Container house offers you a spacious area with its location and luxury design.

You will realize that you will become integrated with your property thanks to this container house, which offers you the opportunities that come your way on the land you are in. Wooden colors, which are especially preferred in the house, have a one-to-one effect in reflecting the integrity of nature to you.

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Photo Courtesy of Airbnb

The design of the furniture in the house has been made in such a way that it is away from all the eye-tiring appearances in the house. The work is durable enough to meet all your basic needs. Thus, you can be sure that you will be able to capture the effect that will make you feel at home.

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Apart from the location of your container house being close to the city, it is also very important that it provides you peace and comfort. When you go out of the house, you will be happy to have a veranda where you can take a walk and spend time.

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Care was taken to ensure the comfort of bedrooms in the container house.

Thanks to the spaciousness of these rooms, you will be able to spend quality time in your rooms.

In the design of the rooms, quality and comfortable items were used and accessories were also given importance. It is also presented to you in comfort thanks to a luxurious kitchen with a minimalist space inside the house.

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With certain areas specially prepared for you, you will get the comfort of your home.

Preferred wood in-house design, white tones are also given priority to reflect a modern point of view that will not tire the eyes. Giving importance to the garden area, especially in the exterior design of the house, has been a very important detail for people’s vehicle areas.

Photo Courtesy of Airbnb

If you want to rent this house, what you need to do is very simple. It is possible to rent a house on Airbnb when you find a space on the dates you want.

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Take action to be satisfied with the service this Costa Rica home will offer you. You will love this house where you can have a perfect holiday and rest yourself whenever you want.

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Container House Designs by Casa Aire

Costa Rica is known as one of the prominent locations for many container house constructions.

These properties, which are one of the favorite houses designed by Casa Aire in recent times, continue to be among the buildings preferred by everyone with their affordable prices and opportunities.

As the demand increase for prefabricated houses increases, the demand rate in the purchase of these properties also reaches a certain level. These houses, especially in nature, have a nice detail for people.

Container houses started to be built in Costa Rica in areas where there are many houses. Especially the Beach Box container house stands out as the second phase house of Casa Aire, where it is located.

The durability and quality of the materials preferred in Casa Aire’s container houses have an important place in people’s adoption of this company. Guaranteeing resistance to bad weather, the company is making successful progress.

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Why Are Container Houses So Preferred?

Container houses, which are one of the favorites of the market, are progressing by fascinating everyone in attracting people’s attention over time.

Due to the presence of natural areas in Costa Rica, people have started to search for areas to distance themselves from city life.

Therefore, these houses, which appeal to many different budgets in the market, have started to attract people with their affordable prices. Container houses, which have a luxurious appearance and aesthetic point of view, are sold by companies at affordable prices.

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Recently, many companies have put up for sale the construction of houses in sizes that will fit your budget.

Therefore, if you are going to choose a container house, you should not forget that you have to adapt to all the details by choosing your company. It will be possible to make your container house selection following your company-related criteria.

Don’t wait long to have the home of your dreams at the most affordable prices. Get ready for a happy life by owning the most luxurious and high-quality container house.

It will be very impressive for you that the locations where the container houses are located have the best conditions.

If you like the style of The Beach Box container, are you aware that you can have a more beautiful structure than this house?

If you want to have the container house of your dreams with all the great opportunities offered to you, contact us now, and let’s start planning for you.

So, reach out to our team members for a unique container house that will meet all your criteria for you and we will start every stage for your home right away.

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