Container Home Painted Red

Homes are the places for living. These are areas where one lives with his family. These may be guest homes for staying at some nature attracting places.

Well, all homes are actually for living. The living areas must be comfortable. These should contain all necessary portions. Necessary portions mean bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room. These are the portions which must be in a home. Others are additional, which vary according to the area. These may be garage, porch, terrace, lawn, swimming pool.

Moreover, homes can be single story or double story. It depends upon the budget of the person who is constructing the home. It does not depend on the area entirely. Sometimes, area is small, and one has to make some portions on upper floor like bedroom. Upper floor is best place for bedroom because terrace is an attracting area for everyone.

Materials used in construction of a home.

In ancient times, brick and mud was used to construct a home. But is was like a home which has no durability. As the world progresses, people find solutions for each thing. Then concrete material was preferred for years. Then people found this boring. As it has some negative aspects. Now, world has discovered that steel shipping containers can be used in the construction of homes. These were only used in transporting of goods from one place to another place. Then this came to know that the homes can be construed with many varieties.

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Life Uncontained Shipping Container Home

Types of containers.

There are two basic types which are used in the construction of homes. These are 20 feet and 40 feet. A single 40 feet container make a home. Wow, it is amazing. This is really economical. A person who cannot afford a expensive home, containers offer him a simple home with all necessary portions. These are benefits of containers which make them preferable.

Misconceptions about containers.

This is not right that containers are hot. These are just like simple homes. Air conditioners and fireplaces are set in them. Then temperature of the home is maintained.
Containers can last for more than 15 years without maintenance and can last for more than 25 years with maintenance. The condition is this that these should be insulated and painted in the perfect way. The foundation of the home must be strong enough.

Single 40 feet shipping container home.

The home which is going to be discussed is made of single shipping container which is 40 feet. This is right that single 20 feet container cannot make a home. It can make some portions. This container home is for a single person or for two persons. This home is made economically perfect. This is fact that container homes consume less time and money construction.

A single container home has all portions which are of need. This home us located in Durango, CO. The area covered by this home is 270 feet sq. The price of home is under $40,000. The home is constructed by Mesa Architectural Studio.

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Architectural designing of the home.

This home is has portions:

  • One bedroom
  • One bathroom
  • One kitchen
  • One living are
  • Porch

Interior designing of the home.

This home has a bedroom. The bedroom is with a bed and a closet.
Bathroom has toilet and showering areas. All material is set in bathroom.
The living room has sofas and LED.
The kitchen is set in a corner with all accessories. The wooden cabins are designed.
Porch is outside and it has wooden floor. Sitting chairs can be set here.

Use of wood and glass in construction of home.

Well, wood has been used in all interior designing. The floor is made of wood. The doors are also made of wood. The kitchen shelves are made of wood.
Glass windows are designed. These are located in bedroom and living room. Kitchen also has a glass window. In corridor, There is also a glass window. Use of glass and wood increase the beauty of the home.
Home is painted red in color. Interior is painted in wood color. Rest wood is used. The lining of the frames of windows are painted black.


Shipping Container Home Ontario – Canada

Outside environment of the home.

This home has greenery in surrounding. Trees are there. One tree is on the front. The grass is on the land. This home has attractive scenery. There is no deficiency in anything.
Air conditioner is set. The voltage is provided without any obstruction. Electricity is flawless. Hot and cold water is provided in bathroom and in kitchen.

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Containers are also used in making large buildings.

This website has described that containers have been used in making villas, mansions, hotels, the homes with large areas. The harmony of wood, glass, container make a home perfect. Homes are really beautiful which are made through these three. Concrete material is also used sometimes. The foundation is made of concrete material. Containers are perfect for those who want to a change in their life style as they offer modular living.

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