Container Home with Charming Lawn

Do you love modernity and gloriousness in your owned things? Are you in the search of a home which must be stylish? I am here to give you information about such a differently designed modern container home.

Containers are under discussion for each house showed on this website. These are stylish home with all facilities. Some are simple, some are complex. A few one are decent and many are elegant.

This means homes also vary according to nature of persona. Some people like simple hones, while others like homes with diversity. So, desire of each person matters a lot. Choice of everyone is respectful. We discovered homes of each design according to your nature. Now, selection depends upon you.

Container homes are trending in this present era

Well, let me know you one interesting fact that container homes are rising in trend. The previous years data comparison with present data, shows a remarkable rise in container demand and use. Now, this is possibility that this rate will increase further in near future.

This is not ordinary. A new thing which is being introduced in the market, there are some specific reasons behind the increasing demand. The new ones, first fulfill the criteria of people, then these become trending and preferring.

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What are specific reasons behind the popularity of shipping containers ?

Many, many reasons are there. Advantages of using a shipping containers are maximum and comparatively, disadvantages are negligible. Obviously, such things would get popularity in no time. Shipping containers provide you a new home with minimum consumption of time and money. This is a very strong reason for their selection in building homes.

These homes can be constructed at any place of the world. Making your view broad, just let me tell you that you can construct a shipping container home on the mountain covered with snow. Just imagine the location. Is this possible with conventional building? Not at all.

I tell you the fact that containers are being ready at some working place. And then transferred to fixed site. That’s why, it becomes easier to make a home at any difficult place of nature.

Container home of area 5x12m

This home is glorious and stylish. This home is a very neatly and perfectly designed place for living. This is basically made of shipping containers. Steel shipping containers are used in its construction. These are black in color. The outer look of the house is grey black and rest gives the look of glass. A home is made stylish by using different material. Sometimes, concrete material is also used with steel containers. It depends on the architectural designing of the home.

Glass windows and sliding glass doors enhance the gorgeousness of the home. These are made fix into containers by cutting them. Wood is also used in the homes. Wood floors, wooden doors are designed in the homes. This gives a look of calmness and enhances the charm of a living area.

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Different parts of the home

  • This home has following parts:
  • Two bedrooms
  • Outer veranda
  • Two bathrooms
  • One kitchen
  • One dining table
  • Lawn area

These all are parts of this single story container home. These all will be described one by one for knowing all the interior designing of this living place.

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Lawn and outer veranda

This house is full of greenery. Even the container walls are covered with green trees. The lawn is large in area. The beautiful and calm place for living. The containers are set in the center for different portions. On the both sides, there are roofs which are made for separate areas.

Under one roof, there is a seating arrangement. The wood colored chairs are placed there. The table is set in the center. These are directly seen from the living room through glass window. This is sitting area for having a meal or evening tea.

Living room and kitchen

This home has a living room with modern and stylish. The LED is placed on white colored small shelves. A black colored sofa is placed with one more sofa. These are comfortable. The walls of the interior are painted off white. The white paintings in glass frames are hanged on the back wall of the living room which are three in number. The side wall is made of glass window with white colored curtains habged

Kitchen is set in a small area with two shelves facing each other. The refrigerator is set in the corner which is black in color. The glass shelves are designed in the kitchen. Dining table is white in color. White four chairs with white central table. These are placed on the white shining tiled floor. This also faces a glass window.

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Two bedrooms with two bathrooms

One bedroom has a large bed with shelf, glass window, closet. The bathroom which is attached to this is made of black designed tiles. The fancy look is given by these. Bathrooms are with proper facility of showering and bathing.

Other bedroom is small. A single bed is placed here with a small closed made of wood. This ia for a single person. The bathroom which is attached to this is made of same tiles which have been used in previous one. Two small sized glass windows are made in this. Showering system is available here.

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Electricity and voltage systems are provided in this home. The lightings are fixed in the ceiling of the home. LED lights have been used. These all things in combination, make a home classic and good looking. When all materials are used in harmony, the home becomes perfect and attract everyone.

Description ends here. Hope so, you will like this magnificent area of living. Thanks.

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