The Most Insane Shipping Container Home You’ll Ever See

Stunning Container House Located in Kialla, Northern Victoria

Imagine driving into the sunset on a long road integrated with nature. As you go into the sundown while being joined by the chirping of birds, a soft breeze touches your hair, and you come across an extraordinary house.

That house is none other than a shipping container home located near Kialla in northern Victoria. This house is so stunning that you might want to slow down or even stop the car and take a closer look at it.

Rachel and James Briggs with children, Connor, and Aria. Photo: Laura Briggs Photography.

Even compared to other shipping container homes that have been built, Rachel and James Briggs’ home is unique. The house is one of the must-see structures before you pass away since it was constructed from seven high cube shipping containers that are higher than typical shipping containers.

At the same time, the container house went through a meticulous project process while being built. Thus, the image of house parts standing in the air emerged.

The containers, which feel like they are floating in the air, give a very modern home atmosphere. Photo: Serana Hunt-Hughes

Information about Container House located in Victoria

The family, who lives in a container house with their two children, wanted to challenge the traditional house perception and make a revolution in this area. By stretching the boundaries of shipping containers, the couple who sought to construct a home that would make people gasp in awe instead obtained a new residence.

The successful house has various awards and nominations. Despite all these impressive features, the home is darned functional for a family of four.

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Floor-to-ceiling windows are used throughout the container house. Photo: Serana Hunt-Hughes

Container House Interior Architecture

There are precisely three bedrooms and additional living area in the shipping container home. The primary part where the loving nuclear family lives are the double-storey place in the center, which they call the “main house”.

The transition between the rooms is made with glass-covered stairs. Photo: Serana Hunt-Hughes

On the other hand, there are different gates from the main house to other shipping container parts. Thus, it is possible to switch to other parts of the home at any time. This cleverly designed shipping container house is also the perfect place to host guests. The semi-detached suite that opens outdoor is the best way to pamper your guests and make them feel valued.

View of the view from the bedroom. Photo: Serana Hunt-Hughes

This magnificent suite is accessed through an exterior glass passage and is built on top of four little pillars. Additionally, the surrounding scenery is visible thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows. In short, you can watch the snowfall with wine and accompany the incredible sunsets.

Cinema room made from a shipping container. Photo: Serana Hunt-Hughes

Features of Container Houses

The best feature of the house, which consists of different regions, is that the unused parts can be closed. Thus, the family can save energy or not have to spend time cleaning the places they do not use.

Additionally, the pair placed the converted shipping containers strategically to maximize privacy from the road, promote passive solar energy, and benefit from the beneficial shade at the appropriate times of the day. This situation is actually proof that the house respects the privacy of individuals and is environmentally friendly.

Aerial view of the house made from 7 shipping containers. Photo: Serana Hunt-Hughes

On the other hand, the homeowners wanted to equip the house with fun features. The shipping container home includes a rumpus room, a private area for barbecue, and a swimming pool. Considering the possibility that the weather might not be suitable for swimming, the homeowners built a backyard cinema out of a shipping container.

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View from another bedroom. Photo: Serana Hunt-Hughes

The windows that span the entire wall of the house are arguably one of its most intriguing characteristics. Thus, the best way to watch a starry sky is through windows. With these windows surrounding the landscape like a large frame, you won’t ever grow tired of watching outdoor.

Photo: Serana Hunt-Hughes

About the Container House Market

It is a truth that as shipping container homes grow more common, the construction industry is moving in that way. As interest in shipping container homes increases, so do construction possibilities.

The couple who own JMB Modular Buildings believe that interest in container homes is on the rise as more people become aware of all its possibilities.

However, shipping container homes that particularly meet Australian building and construction standards may not be very budget friendly compared to shipping container homes in other regions. Yet, if you want to have a mysterious, attractive, and unique house, building or buying a shipping container house is the best solution.

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If you’re thinking about living in a container home, be sure to check out our huge selection of designs for inspiration. You’re sure to find something that suits your needs and taste.

So if you’re interested in learning more about shipping container homes, be sure to check out the Living in a Container today! What are your favorite shipping container homes?

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