$8,000 Conversion of two Shipping Containers

She turned shipping containers into an apartment building!

I think I saw somewhere the gentle breeze and palm trees that come to mind when you dream of paradise. In Ghana! You can explore paradise on earth with the recycled shipping containers created by Nana Afua by combining security and design.

Image Courtesy of Build with Amoaa (Youtube)

40Ft two Recycled Shipping Containers

This project, which includes the replacement and transformation of 40Ft two shipping containers without disturbing their original form, allows you to own a villa from the shipping container.

Outside the house, which has separate lower and upper entrances, there are many palm trees and a spectacular garden that gives the impression that you are in a magnificent forest.

The stone path leading to the shipping container home is specially designed. You can think of the area where the home is located as a private site because there are wire walls surrounding the land where it is located. I’ll add one more thing: even the exterior walls are special.

Image Courtesy of Build with Amoaa (Youtube)

The Exterior of the Shipping Container Home with Extra Security

The location of the shipping container-built home is reminiscent of the friendly and considerate neighborhood culture and neighbors. However, it is very comfortable not to see anyone when you look outside from within the house.

Image Courtesy of Build with Amoaa (Youtube)

When we look at the exterior of the shipping container home, we see that the security measures against theft are at a high level. On the lower floor, the areas that can be entered from the ground level are covered with thin iron pallets in the image of a Venetian blind. Again, the home’s outside has stairs on both the right and left sides. Stairs connect to the shipping container’s upper floor, further enhancing safety.

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However, there are two stairs for a reason: water pressure.

Although it is possible to assert that there is enough water pressure, extra effort is being taken to guarantee that this pressure delivers a smooth flow.

Another thing we can say about the enormous house made from a shipping container is that it is located in a hot climate zone. However, Nana Afua and her team have managed to design the temperature, electricity, and comfort in a short period of 4 months in a perfect way.

Image Courtesy of Build with Amoaa (Youtube)

The General Structure of the Container House

We have already said that the entrances to the upper and lower floors of the container home are carried out separately. The lower and upper parts have a separate internal area volume of 14m2. This dimension may seem like a narrow and small space for some users. Nevertheless, Nana has made the 14m2 area in question very comfortable and convenient to use with all the designs in the house.

Image Courtesy of Build with Amoaa (Youtube)

When creating a house form using a shipping container, an effort was made not to break the container building form. Therefore, it can be claimed that Ghana’s traditional architecture has been modernized while maintaining its natural shape as opposed to an industrial design.

A sizable décor structure depicting Hawaii and its ports was built utilizing wood paneling on the front face of the house. In addition, the walls of isolation were made of mineral-fiber rock.

Image Courtesy of Build with Amoaa (Youtube)

Interior Structure and Decor of the Container House

The two-storey container home, created with a shipping container, consists of 4 units and has a total of 2 studio cabins. Although the designs of the upper and lower floors are identical, they use distinct materials. We will examine the upper and lower parts of the house separately.

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Image Courtesy of Build with Amoaa (Youtube)

Lower floor Unit

There are the following that greet you when you enter the downstairs:

* Bed

* Kitchen

* Fan with the impeller on the ceiling

Since the area is limited, we can say that everything there was placed with care. On the other hand, here is a modest space where you can relax and unwind. Moreover, the propeller fan on the ceiling ensures that the hot air is not felt in the interior.

Ceramic tiles with a wooden appearance were used on the floor. However, it may evoke an image that is difficult to clean and unpractical for some customers. Nevertheless, we can say that this situation is being realized with the aim of consolidation.


The full glass door used when entering the bathroom adds a very spacious air with its light-transmitting structure while providing privacy due to its opaque nature.

At the same time, the bathroom on the upper floor also utilized the same entrance design. Moreover, the bathroom features a shower cabin with patterned ceramic tiled walls.

Upper floor unit

You can climb the stairs from the house outside to get to the second storey. We may claim that the top floor’s floor is covered in the traditional parquet coating even if it shares many general architectural elements with the lower floor.

We are talking about a container home that appeals to the eye by modernizing traditional motifs. This house, which offers a very romantic ambiance, has surpassed itself at the point of providing the peace in which the most beautiful novels can be written.

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Shipping Container Houses

More and more people are choosing to live in shipping container homes. There are several reasons for this trend. Shipping container homes are typically more affordable than traditional homes, and they can be built quickly and easily.

A container home is a type of real estate that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Container homes are made from shipping containers, which are then adapted to serve as living spaces.

They often include features such as outside deck, more windows, and design preferences that make them more livable than traditional houses.

Container homes can be an excellent option for those who want to downsize or live in a more sustainable way. They are also often more affordable than traditional homes, making them a great option for first-time homebuyers.

If you’re considering a container home, be sure to research different design options and compare prices before making your final decision.

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