Sustainable Living in a Compact Container Home Fueled by the Sun and Wind

Serene Living Through Innovation

Seeking a peaceful existence away from the hustle of city life, Süleyman Akdemir, a mechanical engineer, and his retired spouse, Serpil Akdemir, decided to relocate to Seydikemer, a district in Muğla, after purchasing a piece of land. On this land, they placed a container home and started anew, embracing a life of tranquility. This move was their answer to the post-pandemic desire for a more isolated lifestyle.

  • Residence: Modified container on a 3-acre plot in Seydikemer district
  • Residents: Süleyman Akdemir (Mechanical Engineer), Serpil Akdemir (Retiree)

The Akdemirs, along with their architect daughter, devised a self-sufficient home that draws its energy from the abundance of natural resources, equipping their abode with both solar panels and wind turbines. A special control room within the house manages these energy systems.

Photo : Trthaber

Energy and Water Setup:

  • Electricity: Produced via solar panels and wind turbines, matching needs.
  • Water: Harvested rainwater used for everyday needs, stored in a 150-ton cistern.
  • Gardening: Rainwater collection pools and rooftop runoff utilized to irrigate garden trees.
Photo : Trthaber

Perhaps, one of the most unique aspects of their lifestyle is the minimal usage of light. By keeping their garden lightly illuminated, they’ve created an environment where the sky becomes a canvas of stars at night. Süleyman Akdemir enjoys turning off all the lights occasionally to gaze at stars, and recently, the addition of a telescope has deepened their celestial explorations.

  • Leisure: Stargazing and telescope use to witness the unspoiled night sky
Photo : Trthaber

Serpil Akdemir cherishes the escape from urban stress, appreciating the tranquility they’ve discovered far from the escalating crowds of Fethiye. Their new home, inherently eco-friendly due to its minimalistic design and sustainable practices, reflects a harmony with nature that the couple values deeply.

  • Hobbies: Stargazing, nurturing nature, living in harmony with the environment
Photo : Trthaber

Their remarkable container house has piqued the curiosity of nearby villagers, who were initially sceptical about the potential of such a dwelling. Post-completion, visitors have expressed admiration for the innovative design and self-sustaining features, even offering assistance and support.

  • Community Engagement: Interaction with local villagers, showcasing sustainable living
Photo : Trthaber – Süleyman Akdemir and Serpil Akdemir

With the embrace of renewable energy sources like sun and wind, and the ingenuity of harvesting and utilizing rainwater, the Akdemirs have created a serene lifestyle. The design and functionality of the Akdemir’s home stand as a testament to their commitment to a quieter life rich with the treasures of nature — away from the cacophony of urban settings and closer to the whispers of the rural landscape.