2 x 40ft Shipping Container Home

The exploration of the container house Pousada, located in peaceful areas in Brazil, where the forest meets the countryside, begins.

The container house is made from redesigned refrigerated shipping containers. Image Courtesy of @pousadacontainer

Pousada Container House is located in the middle of a lush forest. It provides a quiet environment for people to relax as there are no residences nearby.

This container home has plenty of private space to provide the peace of mind you need. Image Courtesy of Booking

Located in a valley full of vegetation, not far from the city, the container house has many private spaces to provide inner peace. Especially with the hammocks hanging outside, it will be possible to both provide calmness and spend time.

The idea involves designing a home using two 40-foot refrigerated shipping containers. Image Courtesy of Booking

The container house is designed as a single storey using 2 x 40FT refrigerated shipping containers.

The container house has 2 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom. The container house offers guests a breathtaking view of the forest and valley.

If you want to enjoy the outdoors in comfort, this patio is perfect for all your entertaining and relaxing needs. Image Courtesy of Booking

The patio outside the house features a dining table, seating areas, hanging ornaments and Brazilian-style hammock models.

Image Courtesy of @pousadacontainer

The exterior design of the container house is very useful. The veranda that surrounds all sides of this container house, where wood tones are preferred, draws attention.

Pousada Container House Exterior Design

Thanks to the many different ideas and designs adopted in the exterior design of the Pousada container house, the exterior design of the house was shaped more easily.

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From the outside, the house looks very colorful and inviting. Inside, it’s cozy and bright. Image Courtesy of Booking

The most striking feature of the container house is the veranda that surrounds both sides of the house. Wooden decorations made on certain parts of the veranda also added local touches to the house.

Image Courtesy of Booking

Many hammocks in different colors hung on the veranda make the house look very colorful from the outside.

Container House Interior Design

Container house bedroom 1Image Courtesy of Booking

The bedrooms of the container house in the pousada are quite spacious. Since the container house will be used mostly as a rental, the living room is almost non-existent.

Container house bedroom 2Image Courtesy of @pousadacontainer
The house also has a two-person jacuzzi, which is perfect for relaxing after a long day. Image Courtesy of @pousadacontainer

The house also has a two-person jacuzzi.

If you’re looking for a way to add some personality and interest to your kitchen walls, consider adding some local flair. Image Courtesy of Booking

It is possible to see local breezes on the kitchen walls.

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