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We continue to discover for you. Our container house on today’s tour is from KawaZulu Natal, South Africa.

Containers have been used in construction of many buildings. These are used to build homes, guest houses, hotels, restaurant, gym, villas, mansions and many more. The use of steel shipping containers in construction of various buildings indicate the importance of them.

The world is progressing and demand for new ideas is increasing. Containers give huge benefits with diverse range of designs. These are used in buildings homes which can be modified during any time of life. These are used to construct guest houses and capacity can be increased according to demand.

Benefits of containers are many. These are reliable because these last longer if maintenance is done. Durability is more than 25 years if insulation is done in perfect way.

Containers are hot, it’s a misconception. The homes are hot in hot weather. It is natural. Air conditioners are set for maintaining the temperature. The homes are warm in winter because of thermoregulation.

Homes made of steel shipping containers are at places where one can only think to go. The homes are set at visiting places by the help of shipping containers. Due to this facility, the adventurers set themselves at the top of mountain or near a beach. Containers homes become available for persons who are at disaster place.

The home which is going to be discussed here is a guest home for people who want to stay during their visit. It is not in any town. It is made at the beach. This is made of steel shipping container. Let us go through this beautifully designed container home.

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Container home, blue in color, located near a beach

This home has a wide area where its construction has been done. The home has all portions in an open way. Although there is not a sequence, but the home is well furnished because this is a container home. 6 people stay here at one time. This home is located in 228, kingfisher lane, Pumula, 4235 KawaZulu Natal, South Africa. So, this means it has enough place for visitors to stay.

This home is such a cool home that it has many accessories and facilities. This home does not have an empty space. All spaces are filled with furniture or something of need. Cost for staying in this home for one night is $60. Booking Here !!!


Life Uncontained Shipping Container Home

Architectural designing of the container home

This home is made of steel shipping containers. The container is painted blue. There are different portions in this home. For our ease, we make a list of all parts:

Three bedrooms
Two bathrooms
One living room
One kitchen
Lawn area with plants
Outer porch area or may be called as veranda
Dining table

Detail description of each part of the container home

As, this is a guest home for stay, the facilities are maintained here. The beauty of the increases by its location. Outer veranda has arrangements for sitting. Comfortable chairs are placed outside. The dining table is set here. Chairs with table are placed. This has wooden floor. The hammock is there. So, there is full scene of enjoyment in evening.

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The living room has many sofas for sitting. The LED is in living room. The decoration pieces are also placed. Two sofas are placed together. One sofa is set along the wall. The two containers collectively make a nice living place. The glass windows are in living room. White colored curtains are hanged.

The kitchen has many facilities in wide range. Many things of need are there. Refrigerator is set in one corner. Oven is placed. Stove is set. The shelves and cabins are filled with dishes for meal and spices jars. The kitchen has cabins which are painted in white color.


One bedroom is large with a double bed. Two people can sleep there. The window is on the front wall. The other bedroom also has a double bed. There are two single beds which are double storey. These are for two persons.

One bathroom has toilet and showering facilities separately. Mirror is set in bathroom. Other one is designed in same way. Mirror is also there. Shower is present.

The home supplied with all facilities. The voltage system is good enough to provide electricity. The lights are properly set.

The home has all things of need in kitchen without any hindrance. The location of the house is such that it should contain all facilities and it has.

Greenery around the home

This home is on beach. It is filled with natural beauty. The trees are grown large behind the home. The lawn is all around this living area. As place is beautiful, but the home has winsomeness in its own. This is real comfort of homes constructed at such places.

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Containers are making this really easy that homes should be available at such places where visitors go for spending vacation but they find no place for living. Exploring nature is hobby of some people. So, there must be living facilities for them so that, they may not get disappointed. Shipping containers are enhancing the courage of visitors and adventures. This is such a nice thing.

We have discovered many homes with many designs. Our discovery is not going to be stopped. We will bring to you different designs from different portions of the world so that you may have wide range of home architectural designs before selecting or building a living place. No doubt, containers are more economical than conventional construction. Thanks.


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