Colo Crossings Private Container House

Implemented in Australia by Benn and Penna Architects, the Colo Crossings private residence project brings nature and human-made beauties together.

Built on a steep slope on the Colo River, this permanent shipping container building offers its residents a secluded retreat.

In addition, it allows people to get away from the bustling city life and take a closer look at rural life. The Project takes shape as a U-shaped shipping container building that wraps around occupants, allowing vivid environs to take center stage thanks to its restrained color scheme and large open areas.

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Features of the Colo Crossings Shipping Container Home

Benn and Penna Architecture chose a darkened monochromatic palette to create a residence, which has a minimalist design and takes its place at the top of the hill as a three-toned horizontal structure.

A black platform on the rocky terrain, then green shipping containers and a silver roof placed on the top gain an aesthetic appearance.

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The architectural team built a distinctive and admirable dwelling using the recycled shipping containers simple and effective design.

The Colo Crossings project aims to provide residents with a magnificent view of the surroundings by combining wide openings with an exceptional glazed walkway.

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The floor plan of the U-shaped building is as follows:

  • • Three bedrooms
  • • Two bathrooms
  • • An American kitchen
  • • A living room that surrounds the occupants
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As for the interior, the exposed concrete floor and plywood kitchen are designed to adapt to the unchanging stance of the environment.

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Detailed Information About the Container Home in Australia

With budgetary limits in mind, Benn and Penna Architecture rely on resourcefulness as their manner. For this reason, they benefit from ready-made containers in the construction of the house, which minimizes costs and facilitates construction.

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On the other hand, the stone bedrock, which was already present in the residential area, acts as a natural foundation for the steel structure attached to the rock. As a result, it offers a secure housing option that can withstand the frequent landslides in the area.

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Additional Features of the Colo Crossings House

Due to the rural setting of the area and wildfire regulations, the architects also had to focus on self-collection and water responsibility. For the tenants to continue living on their own, the project underwent several significant upgrades.

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For instance, a peaked roof was built into the structure, allowing an array of water tanks that collect rainwater for consumption. In addition, a circular pool tank is constructed in the middle of the residence to provide protection in case of fire.

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Built by Benn and Penna Architecture, this Australian residence called Colo Crossings was designed as a three-dimensional mesh of landscape and structure, a dark haven for the seeker of personal space.

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Surrounded by stunning scenery, 100 kilometers northwest of Syndey’s business district in Australia, the Collo Crossing is planned for clients seeking privacy from the urban nightmare.

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The project blends the shady structure that outlines the solitude with the country elements of uneven ground, lush, heavy trees, and bush-filled mountains in the distance.

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