She Put a Container Unit in the Backyard: Innovative Space Solutions!

Shipping Container Unit in the Backyard: Innovative Storage Solutions Unveiled

Comprehensive Examination of Shipping Container Suites

Shipping containers, once mere steel structures for transporting goods, have evolved into robust and versatile building blocks for a variety of spaces, from simple garden sheds to fully furnished homes. The adoption of shipping containers for living spaces has grown due to the combination of affordability, strength, and customizable design.

The size of a standard shipping container makes it an excellent choice for creating compact living units that maximize small urban spaces. These robust corten steel units provide a secure and durable shell which can withstand the elements, making them an ideal choice for backyard studios, home offices, or auxiliary living spaces like man caves and she sheds. One can transform a shipping container into a sanctuary for rest or an efficient studio emanating natural light, with the addition of insulation, windows, and proper doors.

Backyard Transformation

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Kasey Watson, a retired corporate event planner, and Terry Watson, her brother, shared a desire to remain close in proximity as they journeyed into their golden years. Kasey, inhabiting a cozy abode in Leslieville, and Terry, residing in the family home that became too cumbersome for him to maintain, sought a solution when Terry’s residence in Burlington was sold.

The sale left Terry without enough funds to dive into the real estate market independently. As they explored options, the idea of an addition to Kasey’s home seemed taxing due to her recent stressful experience with nearby construction projects. Moreover, cohabitation was not feasible, as Terry’s mobility relied on a walker, which wasn’t compatible with the multi-story layout of Kasey’s residence.

Image Courtesy of Toronto Life

In pursuit of an ingenious housing solution, Kasey stumbled upon the concept of laneway suites. Upon learning about Ballance Containers, a Mississauga-based firm specializing in repurposed shipping container dwellings, Kasey realized this was the eureka moment they’d been searching for.

Key Features of Terry’s New Residence

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  • Compact Yet Complete: The 220-square-foot unit encapsulates all necessities in a slender, rectangular design, adhering to the city’s space requirements.
  • Accessibility Optimized: From sliding entrance doors to a bathroom equipped with a seated shower and a strategically placed sink and toilet, every detail caters to convenience for individuals with mobility limitations.
  • Personal Touches: Terry’s space houses a twin bed, a workstation for hobbies, and an aquarium—a personal sanctuary tailored to his lifestyle.
  • Temperature Considerations: The home is equipped with electric baseboard heating, and potential air conditioning solutions are to be evaluated.
  • Unique Construction: Crafted from a truncated 40-foot shipping container and finished with cedar planks for a warm touch.
Image Courtesy of Toronto Life

Project Timeline

  • Idea Conception: Discovered laneway suite alternative in January 2021
  • Design and City Negotiations: Initial design replaced with an accepted variant due to spatial considerations
  • Site Preparation: Excavated and equipped with structural support in December 2021
  • Assembly and Completion: External construction at Ballance Containers, followed by on-site installation on January 15, 2022
  • Occupancy: Terry moved into his modern tin-can-esque dwelling on February 25, 2022.

Terry and Kasey now relish the new dynamic, boasting daily interactions and shared meals throughout the week. The proximity has fostered their camaraderie without diminishing their personal space. With an eye on the future, the innovative addition of a laneway container suite elevates the property’s potential, ensuring a sound investment and a touch of modernity to the quaint Leslieville landscape.

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