3 X 20ft Shipping Container Home

Suburban-style houses, which are one of the most popular container house styles in recent years, continue to be among the best, attracting people’s attention.

One of the container houses in India that complies with the current standards, Two Equal Life container house offers a simple and quiet garden life with the suburban-style together with the house.

This single-storey container house attracts the attention of people in the region with its spaciousness and unique style. Many of the ideas adopted in Container House designs have many variations in interior and exterior design.

Close to the city center, this container is in a rural area of ​​India, separated from other houses by walls.

There is a link for those who want to rent the house that is open to reservation via Airbnb. For those who wish, it will be possible to rent for $93 per night via Airbnb.

The container house is suitable for the accommodation of one or two people, meeting all the basic requirements.

Home project built with three shipping containers; located at Dehradun, Uttarakhand…Image Courtesy of Airbnb

Built with 3 x 20ft shipping containers

A designer duo’s Shipping Container Home. It is jointly designed by two design studios (Two Equals Design and Studio Alternatives)

The house, which used 3x20ft shipping containers in its construction, has a bedroom and a living room.

Container house bedroom…Image Courtesy of Airbnb

It can be seen that the bedroom provides simplicity with a bed close to the ground and white walls.

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The warm and cozy living space…Image Courtesy of Airbnb

It is also seen that a modernized living room has been created with the armchair, dining table, and TV unit in the living room apart from the bedroom.

The most modern corner of the container house with well-appointed modern appliances…Image Courtesy of Airbnb

Light color tones and gray and white interior design were preferred to give a modern perspective that does not tire the eyes.

The container house is in the perfect location for quiet and magical moments among the trees…Image Courtesy of Airbnb

Giving additional space to the glass components in the exterior design of the house has been one of the most important elements that show the spaciousness of the house.

For those who want to rent this container house, the house is available on certain dates. For those who want to stay, it will be possible to stay in this residence by making a reservation on Airbnb.

Preferred Exterior Design Methods in Container Houses

If you are considering a container house, remember that you can make progress in exterior design thanks to various perspectives.

This shipping container home is a situated in the foothills of Himalayas… Image Courtesy of Airbnb

According to your preferences, you can make various additions to the exterior design of your container house. You won’t have to wait long to have the home of your dreams at a low price.

Container houses are usually built quickly. The location of the container houses and their adaptation to the conditions are very important.

Therefore, do not wait any longer for a unique container house that meets all your needs and get the style you want.

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