Off Grid 60ft tall Shipping Container Tower!

Perched 60 feet high in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Northern Georgia, the River Forest Lookout offers visitors an unforgettable stay amongst the treetops. Getting there is part of the excitement; it begins with a picturesque hike through vibrant forests, or a ride with the tower’s owner for those who prefer not to walk. As the tower emerges through the trees, one can’t help but be astonished by its grandeur and the sheer adventure that awaits.

Built to withstand the elements, this sturdy abode is a testament to thoughtful engineering, taking six years from concept to completion. It’s not just the resilience that makes this place remarkable—it’s also the serene 14-acre setting, with a variety of trees framing the landscape in bursts of autumnal color. The stay is further enriched by the ingenious layout, featuring two 20-foot shipping containers housing all the comforts of home, including a well-equipped kitchen and cozy quarters that command panoramic views, right down to the soothing sounds of a nearby waterfall.

Key Takeaways

  • The River Forest Lookout immerses guests in nature, accessible through an invigorating hike or a convenient ride.
  • The lookout’s construction ensures safety and longevity, promising a comfortable stay amidst the forest canopy.
  • Accommodations blend modern amenities with spectacular natural vistas, complemented by the ambient cascade of the nearby waterfall.
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Experiencing the Forest Watchtower

Nestled amidst the Northern Georgia Blue Ridge Mountains, the Forest Watchtower stands at an impressive 60 feet tall, promising a distinct lodging adventure. To reach this elevated retreat, guests may either embark on a scenic hike or accept a ride from Mark, the hospitable owner. Opting for the hike enriches the journey, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the wilderness—a choice that comes highly recommended.

Navigating a bridge over a creek signifies the final stretch of the ascent. As one nears, the tower looms larger, inviting climbers to conquer its height. Constructed over six years, this tower’s uniqueness is matched only by the splendor of the 14-acre property it occupies, particularly captivating with its autumnal hues.

Housing two 20-foot shipping containers aloft, access to the lookout is through a series of steps. However, the convenience of a basket and pulley system eases the transport of belongings to the living quarters. Engineered for durability, the lookout can withstand winds of up to 90 mph, assuring a secure experience even for those wary of heights.

Living Amenities:

  • Kitchen: Fully equipped with appliances and stocked with essentials including hot chocolate, coffee, and tea.
  • Dining and Heat: Space featuring a retro-style table, a wood-burning stove, and a space heater.
  • Sleeping Area: A comfortable queen bed set against floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall windows with an overhead skylight, perfect for nocturnal sky observation.
  • Outdoor Deck: An extension offering dining space and a grill, suspended over the edge for an unobstructed nature view.

Both containers facilitate an indoor-outdoor experience with screen doors and windows that open to the sounds of a nearby waterfall, which acts as a natural white noise. Guests have the option to enjoy music through an integrated speaker system and can stay connected with Starlink Wi-Fi service.

The bathroom container, complete with vanities and a shower, and the central spiral staircase leading to a rooftop deck equipped with seating and a gas fireplace, highlight the thoughtfulness put into the design.

Activities such as stargazing and enjoying the tranquility of the surroundings, like the morning spectacle of sunlight streaming through the windows and the relaxing cadence of the waterfall, can be taken in from the vantage point of the lookout.

For culinary enjoyment, guests may indulge in s’mores by the propane fireplace, even finding creative solutions for toasting marshmallows. The getaway promises a blend of rustic charm and modern convenience, assuring a memorable stay at the Forest Watchtower.

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Journey to the Lookout


Crossing the Stream

Upon the approach to the final destination, there is a need to cross a wooden structure that arcs over a flowing body of water. With each step over the rippling creek below, the anticipation builds. Peering through the dense foliage, the towering structure reveals itself, adding to the excitement of the adventure.

  • Location: A bridge over the creek
  • Benefit: Offers a view of the tower through the trees
  • Experience: Adds to the adventure and anticipation

The Uphill Trek

The conclusion of the hike is marked by a steep increase in elevation. The challenge is invigorating as one ascends towards the tower. While the climb is demanding, the destination promises an extraordinary perspective suspended high above the ground.

  • Construction: Strong steel capable of withstanding high winds
  • Unique Feature: Basket system for transporting belongings to the top
  • Safety: Designed to provide a secure experience, even for those with a fear of heights
  • Characteristics of the Land:
    • Size: Sprawling over 14 acres
    • Location: Set in the Blue Ridge Mountains
    • Vegetation: Diverse tree species offering vibrant autumn hues
  • Living Quarters:
    • Structure: Comprised of two 20ft shipping containers elevated 60 feet
    • Amenities: Fully equipped kitchen, wood stove, and queen-size bed
    • Outlook: Wall-to-wall windows for panoramic views and a skylight for stargazing
  • Outdoor Features:
    • Dining: Outdoor space with a grill
    • Sound: Ambient waterfall sounds for a serene atmosphere
    • Connectivity: Reliable internet access through Starlink Wi-Fi
  • Bathroom Facilities:
    • Location: Separate container with full bath and vanities
    • Access: Connected via a spiral staircase
  • Rooftop Lounge:
    • Furnishings: Couch, chairs, and a gas fireplace
    • Highlight: Ideal spot for appreciating the natural beauty of the surroundings
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Construction and Durability of Elevated Retreats

The construction of the River Forest Lookout, a 60-foot high structure nestled in the Northern Georgia Blue Ridge Mountains, is a testament to durability and ingenuity. The journey to this unique abode involves a hike through the picturesque wilderness, which is considered an integral part of the experience. However, transport is available via the owner’s vehicle for those preferring an easier ascent. Spanning 14 lush acres, the locale is enveloped in assorted tree species that provide a kaleidoscope of color, enhancing the visitor’s approach with a sense of enchantment.

The structural design features two 20-foot shipping containers hoisted above the forest floor, characterized by their robust steel construction. Capable of withstanding winds of up to 90 mph, and gusts reaching 120 mph, the lookout’s design prioritizes safety and longevity. Guests reaching the summit are greeted by a mechanical system designed to lift belongings, streamlining the final steps to the pinnacle.

Amenities and Comfort:

  • Living Quarters:
    • A fully equipped kitchen with necessary appliances and stocked with essentials such as hot chocolate and tea.
    • Dining area furnished with charming retro chairs.
    • Queen-sized bed placed strategically for panoramic forest views, complemented by a skylight ideal for stargazing.
    • Woodstove and space heater to ensure warmth during cooler months.
    • Deck complete with grill and outdoor dining set.
  • Additional Features:
    • Opening windows with screens to relish the mountain breeze.
    • Interior speaker system compatible with Bluetooth.
    • High-speed Starlink Wi-Fi connectivity.
    • Accessible waterfall sounds providing a serene auditory backdrop.
    • An alternate relaxation space with bathroom facilities, fitted with shower amenities.

A spiral staircase anchors the two living modules, leading to a rooftop deck. This open-air sanctuary includes a gas fireplace and comfortable seating, offering guests an elevated vantage point to absorb the tranquility of the surrounding forest. The emphasis on blending convenience with nature ensures a safe and memorable experience, even for those apprehensive about heights.

The Landscape Attributes

Nestled within Northern Georgia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, the River Forest Lookout boasts a remarkable setting across 14 acres of forested land. The unfolding seasonal tapestry is particularly dazzling during autumn when a spectrum of vibrant hues emerges among the diverse tree species.

Embarking on the journey to the tower includes a scenic hike, which is part of the adventure. Travelers witness the structure emerge through the trees, growing larger as they approach. Elevated 60 feet, River Forest Lookout features two repurposed 20-foot shipping containers offering spectacular panoramic views among the treetops.

Robustly constructed, the lookout can withstand winds of up to 90 miles per hour, with higher gusts, ensuring guests’ safety. To streamline the ascent, visitors load their belongings into a basket that is mechanically hoisted to their accommodations, allowing for a convenient and seamless experience.

Each container has been thoughtfully designed. The living quarters are equipped with a fully-furnished kitchen, where complimentary refreshments like hot chocolate and tea await. A nearby wood stove and additional heating sources provide warmth during cooler months. The sleeping area, with a queen-sized bed, is surrounded by wide windows, including a skylight perfectly placed for nighttime sky viewing.

Adjoining the container is an outdoor terrace with a grill and dining area, hanging over the edge of the terrain for an immersive natural experience. The second container houses a well-appointed bathroom with a shower and vanity. The heart of the towers connects both spaces with a mesmerizing spiral staircase, leading to a rooftop deck adorned with comfortable seating and a gas fireplace.

Visitors can indulge in the sonorous melody of a nearby waterfall, which can be heard even with windows closed, amplifying the serenity of the site. Modern comforts are not spared, evidenced by the provision of a Bluetooth-compatible speaker system and reliable Starlink Wi-Fi.

For a direct connection with the owners and the option to book a stay at this unique location, interested parties are directed to their contact platform.

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Lodging Amenities


Culinary Space and Mealtime Seating

Equipped with essential cooking appliances, this culinary space includes a refrigerator, stove, microwave, and an assortment of cutlery. Provided by the host are comforting beverages such as hot chocolate, coffee, and tea. Adjacent to the kitchen area is the dining section, featuring vibrant orange retro chairs and complemented by a wood stove, ensuring a cozy atmosphere during cooler seasons, as well as an additional wall-mounted space heater.

Slumber Quarters with Scenic Vistas

The sleeping quarters are designed with comfort in mind, boasting a plush queen-sized bed. The expansive windows envelop the room, offering panoramic views of the forest canopy—the perfect backdrop to any restful stay. Above the bed, a skylight invites guests to admire the night sky and indulge in a bit of stargazing before sleep.

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Outdoor Terrace and Barbecue Area

A small outdoor terrace extends over the landscape, providing an inviting spot to dine or relax. This area includes an al fresco dining set and a barbecue grill, ideal for meals amidst the rustling leaves and gentle breezes.

Ventilation and Ambient Sound

Strategically placed windows equipped with screens invite fresh air flow throughout the living space. The serene sound of a nearby waterfall acts as a natural white noise, enhancing relaxation and sleep, even when the windows are shut.

Internet and Entertainment

Despite its secluded setting, the accommodations come with Starlink Wi-Fi service, offering reliable internet connectivity. Inside, guests can enjoy a Bluetooth-compatible sound system to play their chosen melodies, contributing to a harmonious environment.

Remembering the thrill of the ascent and the immersive experience it offers, one can appreciate the unique convergence of natural beauty and modern comfort at the River Forest Lookout. For those eager to stay at this extraordinary abode, booking details can be found with ease.

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Restroom Amenities

The River Forest Lookout is not only unique for its location and structure but also for its thoughtful amenities, especially after the ascent to the living quarters. There are two distinct 20-foot shipping containers that serve different purposes: one for living and the other dedicated to restroom facilities.

In the separate bathroom container, guests will find:

  • A full bath equipped with a shower providing a refreshing experience after a day of adventure.
  • Two spacious vanities to accommodate personal care needs.

The amenities afforded are designed to be both functional and comfortable, ensuring that guests can freshen up and unwind in a space that feels disconnected from the rigors of daily life yet entirely equipped for convenience. The strong steel construction of the lookout is also reassuring, designed to withstand high-velocity wind conditions, which echoes the overall safety and solidity of the structure.

Completing the living experience, each container has:

  • Ample windows with screens that open up to invite the cool mountain breeze and the soothing sounds of the nearby waterfall into the space.
  • A speaker system compatible with Bluetooth and excellent Starlink Wi-Fi connectivity despite the remote location.

Both areas enhance the overall living experience at the lookout, satisfying the modern traveler’s need for comfort and connectivity, even while suspended in the solitude of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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Elevated Outdoor Living Space

The River Forest Lookout is perched 60 feet above the forest floor in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia, offering a retreat like no other. To access this towering sanctuary, guests have the option to embark on an invigorating nature hike guided by the landscape’s inherent beauty or be transported by vehicle, courtesy of the hospitable proprietor, Mark.

At the journey’s peak, awe-inspiring views of the tower emerge through the verdant canopy. The ascent to the tower’s entrance is a splendid adventure in itself. Once there, visitors are greeted by an ingenious pulley system designed to effortlessly elevate belongings to the living quarters, ensuring convenience and efficiency.

The structure boasts a pair of 20-foot shipping containers sturdily suspended above the ground. They have been transformed into a cozy habitat, steadfast against winds of up to 90 miles per hour, and gusts reaching 120 miles per hour. These living spaces merge strength with comfort, featuring a series of stairs that lead to the serene views encompassed in this lofty abode.

Accommodations and Amenities:

  • Living Space: A kitchen stocked with appliances and necessities, alongside a wood-burning stove, space heater, and a comfortable queen bed. The panorama through full-length windows is complemented by a skylight for nighttime star observation.
  • Exterior Deck: Just outside, a modest deck extends, complete with dining furniture and a grill for alfresco experiences.

Unique Features:

  • Audio-Visual Equipment: Each window is paired with screens to allow for fresh mountain breezes, an indoor speaker system for musical ambiance, and robust Wi-Fi connectivity with Starlink service.
  • Restful Soundscapes: Even with the windows secured, the soothing sound of a nearby waterfall can be distinctly heard, enhancing the natural charm of the site.
  • Bathing Facility: Situated across from the main container, the full bathroom includes a shower and multiple vanities, promising comfort and privacy.

Central to the containers is a mesmerizing spiral staircase, guiding visitors to the rooftop deck. This exclusive space unveils a luxurious seating arrangement, complemented by a warming gas fireplace, inviting guests to imbibe in the tranquility of the mountainscape.

For those interested in reserving this exceptional lookout for their next mountain retreat, a link with further details is available. Guests are also welcome to contribute to the ongoing conversation by sharing their preferred outdoor activities below, continuing the celebration of nature and adventure.

Enhanced Evening Indulgence

Perched among the vibrant fall foliage of the northern Georgia Blue Ridge Mountains sits the towering River Forest Lookout. This unique retreat, 60 feet in the air, rewards guests with a delightful hike through nature’s beauty. With the option to trek or be transported, the journey to the tower is an integral part of the adventure. Traversing a bridge and following a trail, visitors are teased with glimpses of the tower drawing nearer. Upon arrival, a clever pulley system awaits to elevate belongings with ease, complementing the sturdy steel structure designed to withstand significant wind speeds, offering a secure experience for those wary of heights.

The living quarters, a pair of 20-foot shipping containers, boast a level of comfort and convenience with a fully equipped kitchen, a welcoming dining area featuring eye-catching retro chairs, and a cozy bedroom area. The warmth of a wood stove adds to the ambience during cooler evenings. Draped in windows from floor to ceiling, guests can lay back in comfort and enjoy panoramic views or stargaze through the skylight, immersed in the forest’s enchantment. Outside, a private deck extends over the edge, fitted with a grill and dining area, perfect for alfresco meals.

Amidst the serenity, sounds of a nearby waterfall create a natural symphony, amplifying the magical atmosphere. When the windows are opened, this soothing backdrop is enhanced with the gentle caress of mountain breezes. The living space is also equipped with modern comforts such as a speaker system, fast Starlink Wi-Fi, and extensive natural ventilation through screened windows and doors.

A separate container houses a full bathroom, complete with shower facilities, ensuring complete privacy and convenience. Between the two containers, a spiral staircase offers passage to the rooftop deck. Above, comfortable seating and a gas fireplace set the stage for memorable evenings enveloped in the mountain’s splendor.

Twilight Treats

After a day’s exploration, a moment of sweet indulgence is well-deserved. An imaginative use of knives over a propane fireplace becomes the solution for crafting s’mores, a delightful pairing with the day’s close. As the sun dips below the horizon, warmth and laughter mingle, underscoring the day’s escapade.

Mornings of Tranquility

Dawn at River Forest Lookout is greeted with the soft light filtering through the windows and the steady lull of the cascading waterfall. An idyllic morning unfolds with time seemingly standing still, allowing for moments of reflection and connection with nature’s rhythm.

Those yearning to experience River Forest Lookout’s embrace can find booking information effortlessly provided, ensuring the next adventure is but a few clicks away.

Evening Activities

The River Forest Lookout offers an extraordinary array of leisurely pursuits after guests have ascended the sixty-foot tower. The retreat, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Northern Georgia, is a sanctuary set amid fourteen acres of vibrant woodland foliage. The property features two elevated twenty-foot shipping containers, housing the living quarters and the bathroom facility.

Living Space Amenities:

  • Fully equipped kitchen with refrigerator, stovetop, and microwave.
  • A variety of hot beverages, including hot chocolate, coffee, and tea.
  • Dining area with uniquely designed orange chairs for a touch of nostalgia.
  • Heating elements consist of a wood-burning stove and a wall-mounted space heater.
  • Comfortable queen bed for restful sleep.
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows provide panoramic views of the encompassing forest.

Guests are invited to relish in the outdoor setting on a deck that protrudes over the treeline, where they can dine or grill their favorite meals. The premise encourages an open-air ambiance with windows that open to screens and a screened door, allowing a natural breeze to flow through the space.

Sound and Connectivity:

  • Interior acoustics are complemented by the soothing sounds of a nearby waterfall.
  • An integrated speaker system with Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Fast Starlink Wi-Fi for remote connectivity.

The juxtaposition of container amenities is the fully functional bathroom in the adjacent container. The architectural centerpiece—a spiral staircase—leads to an awe-inspiring rooftop deck furnished with a sofa, chairs, and a gas fireplace. This zenith of comfort frames the zenith of scenery, constituting an idyllic locale for guests to bask in the mountain’s tranquility.

As evening embraces the tower, the preparation of s’mores becomes an impromptu delight, even with the improvisation of culinary tools. The ambiance is accentuated with the fading sunlight and warmth of a propane fireplace, forging moments of indulgence before the evening meal.

Post-hike and recreational endeavors are met with a satiating dinner, which is effortlessly reheated, allowing for more time spent in the game-play. Guests can engage in friendly competition with board games, the scores of which might evoke laughter and light-hearted banter—240 against a modest 35 points—a testament to the playful spirit the space cultivates.

Morning greets the visitors with a serene soundscape courtesy of the waterfall, accompanying the sunrise that infiltrates the dwelling with gentle luminosity. This symphony of nature’s awakening is an invitation to linger, absorb, and appreciate the beauty that the River Forest Lookout generously offers.

Dawn Tranquility

Perched within the Blue Ridge Mountains’ majestic landscape is a 60-foot structure offering an unparalleled lodging experience. The journey begins with an optional hike through lush greenery, immersing guests in nature’s embrace. One traverses a quaint bridge above a creek, the anticipation building as the lookout peeks through the forest canopy.

Upon reaching the River Forest Lookout, visitors encounter a striking sight: two 20-foot shipping containers, elevated 60 feet above ground and supported by steel capable of withstanding intense wind speeds—nosymp to 90 mph, with gusts up to 120 mph. The ascent is eased by a mechanical basket that transports personal belongings skyward, promising strength and safety even to those wary of heights.

Serenade by nature’s orchestra, guests revel in an atmosphere rich with the vibrancy of autumn leaves. The land sprawls across 14 acres, offering a brilliant display of color and a sense of enchantment. The living quarters fuse cozy amenities with the outdoors, featuring a fully equipped kitchen, a warm wood stove, and an inviting queen-sized bed framed by panoramic windows and a skylight for nocturnal star-gazing.

Outdoor living extends to a private deck, furnished for dining and grilling. Within the sanctuary, the open windows and screen door invite a gentle breeze and the melody of a nearby waterfall. High-tech comforts include a Bluetooth speaker system and reliable Starlink Wi-Fi.

The bathing space lies in the adjacent container, complete with a shower and vanity. A spiral staircase spirals to a rooftop deck, where evenings are spent lounging by a gas fireplace, absorbed in the natural beauty encircling this elevated abode.

Amenities at a Glance:

  • Kitchen equipped with appliances and utensils
  • Hot beverages provided: coffee, tea, hot chocolate
  • Dining area with retro orange chairs
  • Wood burning stove and wall space heater for warmth
  • Queen bed overlooking the treetops through floor-to-ceiling windows
  • External deck with dining area and grill

Notable Features:

  • Soundproof yet airy living with screened windows and doors
  • Audible waterfall creating soothing white noise
  • Speaker system for music enjoyment
  • Reliable Wi-Fi connectivity via Starlink

Evenings at the River Forest Lookout culminate in the simple joy of s’mores prepared over a propane fireplace, a sweet treat after exploring the trails. As the new day dawns, sunlight cascades through the lookout while the waterfall’s gentle cadence provides the soundtrack to morning tranquility.

Reservation Details


How to Reach the Tower

Guests have the option to embark on an invigorating hike to reach the River Forest Lookout or avail of a ride from the host, Mark. Journeying by foot is highly encouraged to appreciate the natural beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Reservation : Airbnb

Arrival and Acclimation

Upon arrival, a cleverly designed basket system awaits at the tower’s base. Visitors can load their belongings and effortlessly hoist them aloft. A sturdy steel frame ensures the structure’s resilience, capable of withstanding winds up to 90 miles per hour and gusts reaching 120 miles per hour, promising a secure stay even for those wary of heights.